RealtorsDomain’s for Sale

That’s right, we are open and selling exclusive online real estate to real world real estate agents!

Today we are pleased to announce, our first four realtor / location-based domain names on the new internet are now available to purchase.

The first decentralized ‘real estate’ on the net for realtors in the US are as follows (click the links below to buy now):

Now, for the first time, realtors can now privately own their domain name outside of the control of ICANN.

All our domains run on the handshake blockchain and are the future of the net. They are safe, secure and censorship proof.

Get your name or location in front of your competition with a highly sought after domain name only from RealtorsDomain’s network registrar partners.

Domain Name Ideas:

  • celebrity.hollywoodrealtor
  • joerow.austinrealtor
  • purple.minneapolisrealtor
  • rob.hartfordrealtor

Why register Realtors Domains?

  • Unique online real estate and personal branding
  • Sets you streets apart from your competition
  • The nation’s top realtors are out there and successful
  • Disrupt new markets and quickly gain share from old ones

Brand and Messaging Guidelines

.com’s are so passé. The RealtorsDomain portfolio of domain names is for the next generation of realtors, real estate agents and entrepreneurs who have a strong viewpoint about their role in business, in our communities, and the greater good of society as a whole. Characteristics include:

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Entrepreneurialism

More decentralized domain name locations will be following soon, so check back here to stay ahead of your competition.

If you are a realtor in Hollywood CA, Austin TX, Minneapolis MN, or Hartford CT, be the first to secure an exclusive domain name on the blockchain now!

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