What’s the Difference Between a SLD and TLD?

A second-level domain (SLD) is the section of a domain name that is to the left of the dot. A top-level domain (TLD) is the section to the right of the dot, also known as the domain extension. Example: google.com Where ‘Google’ is the SLD and ‘.com’ is the TLD. Second Level Domains When you invest in a domain name on the legacy internet you can only purchase a… Continue reading What’s the Difference Between a SLD and TLD?

RealtorsDomain’s for Sale

That’s right, we are open and selling exclusive online real estate to real world real estate agents! Today we are pleased to announce, our first four realtor / location-based domain names on the new internet are now available to purchase. The first decentralized ‘real estate’ on the net for realtors in the US are as… Continue reading RealtorsDomain’s for Sale

Let us Guide You Home

Home Sweet Home Your domain name is your address online and who wouldn’t want an address that clearly states who they are and where they come from? In this ever-changing marketing world, realtors need to keep their eyes open for the next up-and coming trend on the market so you can be ready before it… Continue reading Let us Guide You Home

The Realtors Domain

Welcome to The Realtors Domain. Your name on the blockchain. Real estate is a booming industry. The Realtors Domain offers exclusive online real estate for Realtors across the US. Secure your unique domain name on the handshake blockchain and get your name or location in front of your competition with a highly sought after domain… Continue reading The Realtors Domain